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Monday, February 28, 2005

sitting at my desk caffeinating...

...and slowly easing into a big work week, much to do in follow-up from last weekend's Board of Director's meeting in NYC, and this past Thursday's Losar party (hey Thup, we gotta take that big photo of the Dalai Lama back to the Office of Tibet, yo!). Lhadon is outta here for Canada tomorrow, this coming weekend is the 'sector 3' conference at NYU... a bunch of workshops to get together.

And of course, i'm looking for a pot o' gold. SFT needs resources to keep up the good fight, and they haven't been comin' that easy lately. House party coming up in Santa Fe, talkin' to Brett at Juice Design (& gallery) in San Fran about a benefit art show, and sending out a spring appeal in the mail to all of SFT's members and supporters asap. You got any bright ideas? Happy week - Han


  • At 10:36 PM, Blogger natdefreitas said…

    nathan says:

    "first comment, on your first post to the blog, han-shan! today is indeed a day to slowly settle, with all this soft snow falling here in new york.

    as for ideas on fundraising, well, you know some of mine, though I am not sure if everyone else does:

    Mobile-ize for Tibet and
    Onward, Tibet!.

    So, why don't y'all go and check them out?"

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