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Monday, May 16, 2005

Follow the Chinese Blogosphere

At the Personal Democracy Forum conference today, I attended a session entitled "Lessons from the International Stage: England, Canada, Iran and the Middle East". Rebecca MacKinnon (her blog is at RConversation.com) was the moderator of the discussion. Through her I found two great links.

First, on her blog today, she wrote some good news about Harvard's Nieman Center's China Troubles:

"Harvard's Nieman Foundation has canceled plans to sponsor a week long training session for Chinese officials who will be handling media for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The cancellation came after several Nieman alumni raised concerns that: 1) training officials in what is essentially p.r. goes beyond the Nieman mandate (mainly a program for accomplished mid-career journalists who are selected to spend a year at Harvard, taking classes, receiving training, and reflecting on their craft); and 2) the Chinese government is no big friend of free speech, and thus there were concerns that the Nieman training would help them refine their lying techniques. For articles on the whole hoopla, see the New York Times, a Boston Globe Op-Ed and news article, and a Washington Post article."

Second, she pointed out a great site called "Global Voices Online", which summarizes whats being discussed in international blogs, and provides a China category. The hot topic right now are the anti-Japan protests, but I'm sure this is a great place to monitor Tibet and Beijing 2008 discussion, as well.


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