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Saturday, October 22, 2005

SFT Fundraiser in Boston

Friday night, October 20

SFT Board members Rick, Dechen, Nyesang and Wangyal hosted a house party at Rick's very old house in Boston (the house was built in 1867, soon after Rick's ancestors saw the end of the American Civil War). Besides raising enough funds to temporarily postpone SFT's constantly looming financial predicament, the party was one crazy mix of pleasure and pleasure. See for yourself!

The party has begun

Boston Tibetan Dance Troupe (Redux)

Gorshay - Tibetan Circle Dance - brings the night to a rapturous close

Hope fills the room with music

Wangyal goes Sinatra, and the ladies go wild


  • At 12:06 AM, Blogger Amalia said…

    Wow! what a good party! alas, your party actually had Tibetans. We had an HWS SFT party (photos now posted on the blog) but what with the nearest tibetans being 45 miles away.....

    And I don't have Chubas that pretty. Why?


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