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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Alice, Ben, and Fiona - three of the superstars of SFT UK - are in New York. Strategically mixing business & pleasure, they're hanging out with SFT staff & getting to know SFT board members (photo at left is a bunch of us out for dinner at Tsampa Restaurant), checking out the SFT office, and meeting with all of us on topics ranging from upcoming campaign and action opportunities to fundraising and solidifying the network of student Tibet activists across the UK.

It's been nice to have 'em here and I hope they're having a little fun on the visit. Too bad Saturday (yesterday) was such a dreary, rainy day. For most of the day, we were in Brooklyn for the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress' founding anniversary celebration. Founded in 1970, TYC turned 35 - or 36 in Tibetan years (start on "1") - and there were speeches, spirited performances, a political rap by namgyal Yeshi ["China is lying, our people are dying..."] and of course, an excellent yak dance (who were those yak-suit-clad freedom fighters?).

L-R: Ben, Alice, Han, and Fiona talk shop in the SFT HQ "Lounge"

L-R: SFT and TYC super-activist Kushola Sonam Wangdu,
'old school' SFT Board member Sophia, UK SFTer Alice
(from England)and UK SFTer Fiona (from N. Ireland) at the TYC
Founding Celebration in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) organized by
the Regional TYC of New York & New Jersey.


  • At 9:48 PM, Anonymous alma said…

    great to see everyone conspiring, i mean, cooperating...and the sft hq office looks pretty fancy these days, too!

  • At 11:40 AM, Blogger Iain said…

    Oi you lot! Get back to Britain and stop skieving! :)


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