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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Spreading the Word about TDR

Martin, a hardcore activist friend of ours put the Tenzin Delek Rinpoche stencil to "good use" in Manchester, England. Only by keeping TDR visible can we hope to secure his release.

The stencil can be found here and other appearances of TDR from around the world can be found on SFT's main site.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Brooklyn 2 Tibet Videoblog

Last night's benefit at Habana Outpost in Brooklyn was great fun on a cold autumn night. For those of you who couldn't make it, you can watch the videoblog below!

watch video (requires Quicktime)

(if that link doesn't work, there's also a Flash Video version)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

SFTUK kicking Hu's ass in London

SFTUK and the Tibetans in London are kicking some serious ass - the serious ass this time belongs to Hu Jintao. Newspapers and television news programs (including BBC, Sky News, Telegraph, Independent, Guardian) have all covered the protests and helped us send an unequivocal message to Beijing that there is no corner of the world where the Chinese leaders will walk in peace until Tibet is free. Below is from the Scotsman. (You can also visit BBC and other sites to read and see pics and video footages of protests)

Read the whole story in the Scotsman

Hundreds of Tibetans and human rights activists staged a "die-in" outside Buckingham Palace as Chinese president Hu Jintao arrived for a State Banquet.

Students for a Free Tibet UK (SFTUK) said the protest, organised by SFTUK and Tibetan community members, aimed to highlight the Chinese president's "reign of terror" in Tibet, as London prepares to light monuments red in honour of his visit.

The group said that following the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1950, President Hu was responsiblefor the brutal imposition of martial law in 1989. SFTUK's national co-ordinator Alice Speller said: "One in six Tibetans are dead due to the Chinese occupation, and yet the international community is silent in the face of such blatant state terror.

"Tony Blair must speak out about President Hu's actions in Tibet and China's ongoing occupation of that country, or he risks becoming complicit in the atrocities committed there."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I think Bombardier heard us...

Han from SFT HQ here. I'm tired and need to get away from this machine for a little while but I wanted to drop a quick post in case someone gets to this blog in a creative way, bypassing the SFT site and the www.BOMBARDIERoutofTibet.org site where you can see the creative global opposition to Bombardier's involvement in the China Tibet Railway. Today, see, was an International Day of Action in the Tibet Movement's campaign against the China Tibet railway. We're opposing Canadian transportation company Bombardier's involvement with the railway, a project that could have dreadful consequences for Tibetans... and Tibet.

A bunch of us from the New York office went upstate to a Bombardier plant not far from the Canada border to deliver a letter to Bombardier management, talk to the employees... and the media (there was a piece on NBC's 6 o'clock evening news). It was a worthwhile trip and we heard that senior management issued a memo to treat us protesters nicely, but not to take any of our information. Hmm, well, we sure know they are hearing us. It seems like they're hoping to withstand the noise (and the investigations in Parliament in Canada, and the media scrutiny, and the guilt...) until they get PAID. Bombardier CEO Laurent Beaudoin is saying "I can't worry about colonialism and cultural genocide (according to the Dalai Lama) when there are profits to be made."

Anyway, it was a cold morning in Plattsburgh outside the factory gates but we were hardly alone. Check out www.BOMBARDIERoutofTibet.org to see others taking action around the world. Oh, and they've hardly heard the last of us.