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Monday, December 05, 2005

Candlelight Vigil @ Chinese Mission

Contrary to what the saying says, it's better to be seen AND heard. I promise you tonight the Chinese saw us and heard us outside of their Mission to the UN. Over sixty Tibetans and supports just finished braving sub-freezing temperatures outside of the Chinese Mission to let the Chinese know that the world will not stand China's continued oppression of free speech and religious freedom inside of Tibet.

Students for a Free Tibet, the Tibetan Youth Congress, and the Tibetan Women's Association coordinated a candlelight vigil calling for the release of imprisoned Drepung monks and the end to China's vicious "patriotic education" campaigns inside of Tibet. The vigil comes in response to last weeks' crackdown inside the Drepung Monastery following the silent protest by an unknown number of monks. Some reports have placed the number of monks involved in the protest as high as 400.

Our chants were often greeted by jeers from Chinese political hacks inside the mission. With every attempt by the Chinese to incite us to violence and photograph us, we redoubled the volume of our cheers. Before we left every window in the mission had to be shut to keep out cries of freedom for the Drepung monks and shame on the Chinese government. They couldn't stand hearing the voice of truth ringing through the corridors of their building.


  • At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Ben (SFT UK) said…

    Way to go guys! Simple but obviously effective, and quickly organised too.

    The more they hide behind closed windows and embassy walls the more they show their guilt.


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