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Saturday, January 14, 2006

SFT North American Conference, UCSB, California

It wasn't any ordinary day for me. This day, i wanted to get the hell out of my sleeping bag and rush to everybody, everywhere everytime: looking forward to all the workshops that was in store for us. Firstly, i needed my energy booster, which was being brewed right below us by Thupten and Jigme. Breakfast was the usual stuff: juice, coffee, croissant, varieties of bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter and fruits. I had my fill with cream cheese and peanut butter on two sesame seed bagels and hot strong black coffee. Secondly, i needed another set of beautiful pictures for the SFT link, hence the PICTURES you see here. By the way, i was designated to be the semi-official photographer of this event. I say "semi-official" because i am a participant at the workshops and a volunteer at the kitchen and the so-called paparazzi of SFT too. Hell yeah, i love all my positions.
After breakfast, we headed down to the meeting room where we were to have an opening circle before the scheduled workshops began. As usual, opening circle is always fun and we play the same games almost everywhere, but without getting tired of it. It is an excercise which refreshes your mind and relaxes your body to further strengthen to last the long hour workshops. As we were done with the Opening Circle, we were divided into Track One and Track Two. Former one being the new comers, and peope who have attended more than two conferences and FTACs fitted the latter group. Since i have been to Conferences and FTACs before, i was transfered to Track two, where they teach leadership and, most importantly, train us to become future workshop facilitators. Track two left the opening circle and headed towards the MCC where our meeting room was located. We were only ten of us in our Track two course.
I did go for one of the workshops in the morning for messaging and facilitation, but was later called for the rescue in the kitc
hen where it was a "one man show". Thupten was trying to manage everything at once which was not impossible, only that, the dinner would be ready by 10 the next morning. Yeah, i did help cut most of the vegetables and wash the plates in the sink.
The rest of the evening i was preparing dinner
and the setup the dining table.
Dinner was fabulous. It was awesome,
Partly because i helped in making some stuff.
Hey i have to tell you this quick. We had the town hall at the end of the night after dinner and rest is history. There was after dinner stuff but, What happens in Santa Barbara, stays in Santa Barbara. Its almost five in the morning and i need to get some sleep, besides my battery is about to die on me. G-nite and Boe Rangzen


  • At 11:01 AM, Anonymous bhoe rangzen said…

    thank u for your great reporting. i feel like i'm there with you guys. i think SFT should do more conferences with the activism training, especially in areas where there are many Tibetan youth. we need these kind of training. how about next one in Minnesota?


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