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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thoughts from Dawa on the last day...

So today [editor's note: Sunday 1/15] Dickyi and I facilitated a very tough group of activists for 30mins. We had to basically help steer the group in the right direction in making a decision about a topic to discuss for the next two hours. Before Dickyi and I even started, we discussed how we should go about facilitating with Lhadon. I was a bit nervous but I thought it wasn't going to be that bad since I usually facilitate all the meetings I have with my SFT chapterback at school and Dickyi and I had a list of steps we copied down from our facilitating workshop the day before.

Boy was I wrong! First of all, this was not my usual 2 or 3 group of people. I was helping to facilitate more then 20 people who were all hardcore Tibet activists with Dickyi. Everyone shouted out very good ideas but we were not doing well on time and needed to come to a consensus in terms of what topic/s we needed to discuss for the next two hours. With lots of
facilitating skills from Dickyi (Wow Dickyi, you should facilitated more often in Cambridge) and some help from Lhadon, we finally decided to talk about Olympics as a group and then divide in our own regional area SFT groups to discuss what we were going to do.

Well, facilitating was a lot harder then I thought. Dickyi and Pasang did a great job.

As for the whole experience, it was great! I am once again re-energized, re-inspired and reminded again about the importance and the impact we have doing what we do best as SFTers. The past four days have been full ofworkshops, sleepless nights and so much fun.

I cannot wait to go back and get started on SFT work.

P.S. Dickyi, who was making out? I don't remember anyone making out, maybe I missed out. Any idea who they were? Let me know.

- Dawa
SFT @ UMass Amherst


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