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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Google China's Pres gets Hu Jintao Treatment

Kaifu Lee, the new President of Google China went on a Bay Area roadshow yesterday, speaking to overflowing halls of Chinese students (mostly computer geeks) at UC Berkeley and Standford University about how to climb up the Google corporate ladder quickly. SFTers and members of the Bay Area Tibetan community were there to give him the royal treatment.

There was a big crowd of us at Berkeley, and we managed to give flyers to almost everyone going into the talk. A bunch of geeks thanked us for the flyers. We also managed to get a couple of copies of Kaifu Lee's self help book, on how to become evil quickly. Here is Della with a copy:

We then rushed to Stanford, where Yangchen & Avi and the SFT Stanford crew had done some great scouting work and figured out how we could best crash Kaifu Lee's little geek party. Thupten and Tsering Wangmo welcomed Kaifu Lee by yelling at him and giving him our flyer, which he took! Some of us went into the hall and during his LONG talk, which was all in Chinese, Palden, Wangchuk, Dawa, Della and Avi all stood up with big cloth banners. Our newest SFT chapter at Gunn High School (50 members!) held down the back of the room, holding up with placards that said "SHAME ON GOOGLE" and "Kaifu LeEVIL."

After about 30 minutes, we were getting so hot & bored inside, since the whole talk was in Chinese and the room was overcrowded. Thank god the crew outside, started chanting - loudly.

Some of the Chinese student organizers came outside at this point. They wanted us t whether we regiso be quiet and thought that by telling us "pssssssssssssssssssst!" they would suceed. Thupten explained to them why that wasn't going to work. One of the talk organizers couldn't handle it. All he could say after that was "Did you register for the talk?" We assured him we hadn't. He asked again. And again. And again. I think he still may not knowtered. So we started chanting again, as loudly as we could. I think the folks with the banners in the hall were happy they didn't have to listen to Kaifu's jokes in Chinese anymore. I don't think Kaifu Lee was too happy. He skipped the Q&A and and looked a bit tense when we spoiled all his photo opportunities after the talk with our signs.

Kaifu Lee's walk to his car was probably the most attention this man has ever got! 20 of us surrounded and followed him, chanting at him through the bullhorn and waving our signs around. He should feel honored that he got the Hu Jintao treatment! Here he is with his royal entourage.
Can you spot Kaifu Lee?

Yangchen had contacted her student paper, the Stanford Daily, who sent a reporter to the talk. We'll post that article when it comes out. Also, a reporter and photographer from the San Francisco Chronicle came. You can check out the article here. You can also see a lot more photos here.

The end. Google - see you on Valentine's Day.


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