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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Google's Hiding Tanks in Tiananmen

Thanks to WIIIAI for pointing this out to me via email. The Times UK Online has this tidbit on Google.cn:
More bad news for Google: in the week that its shares plunged after it failed to hit Wall Street’s ambitious targets it turns out that its controversial Chinese internet filter doesn’t work if you can’t spell. Paul Boutin, a blogger, pointed out that if on Google.cn you “search for Tianenmen, Tienanmen and Tiananman” you get “Tanks, tanks, more tanks”.
I'd seen the Boutin post before, but it's nice to see Google's technical ineptitude get play alongside it's moral ineptitude. I'm glad this hole exists in Google's filter, though I expect it will be closed shortly. [I just checked, the loop-hole is closed: searches for Tianenmen, Tienanmen, and Tiananman now return no image results.] The bad news referenced there is to Google's craptastic 4th Quarter earnings falling far below Wall Street's expectations. It's stock fell from around $435 to $381 a share this week, costing Larry Page and Sergey Brin personally about $12 million combined (don't worry, they're not even close to being out on the street).


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