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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mikel Dunham Interview

Author and Tibet expert Mikel Dunham was interviewed by Flash, a Japanese magazine. You can read the whole interview on his blog. Here's an excerpt:
What is the one thing that most upsets/angers you about China’s invasion of Tibet?

China’s re-writing of history to support its deplorable Han chauvinism. The tragic story of Tibetan Buddhists taking up arms to defend their nation, their religion, their culture, and above all, their Dalai Lama, may sit uneasily next to the popular Shangri-La image of Tibet, but the myth of a non-violent takeover of Tibet by the Chinese has been advanced by the communist propaganda machine and is still very much working for the Chinese propaganda machine today. That is why it so important to remember the extent to which there was fierce resistance in Tibet: to help dispel the fantasy China has spun about their bloody takeover. 1.2 million Tibetans lost their lives because of Mao’s takeover. To assert that the Tibetans invited the Chinese to take command of their country is a shameless fabrication and rewriting of history that, in spit of its absurdity, still thrives and remains largely unchallenged sixty years after the fact. China lies and my book was written to address those lies.
Mikel's book Buddha's Warriors has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.


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