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Saturday, February 04, 2006

SFT Canada Represents!

SFTer Confronts Chinese Ambassador, Bombardier, and Hundreds of Trade-Above-All Greedheads In One Fell Swoop

SFT Canada's Jessica Spanton made a righteous ruckus at a business luncheon in Montreal featuring China's Ambassador to Canada Lu Shumin. The Montreal Gazette made it the lead in a story about the luncheon, held in the ballroom of Montreal's Hyatt hotel:
Lu Shumin's speech was as warmed over as the salmon entree that preceded it. The only spice came when a solitary student seated in the far corner of the Hyatt ballroom rose, unfurled a Tibetan flag and denounced both the Chinese government and Bombardier Inc.

Bombardier has been a frequent protest target for its involvement in a rail project in Tibet.

Human-rights groups say the rail line is part of China's "ongoing colonization of Tibet."

"Shame on China and shame on Bombardier," said Jessica Spanton of Students for a Free Tibet, before being hustled from the room to the stunned silence of the 400-strong crowd.
Nice job Jessica and SFT Canada. They can run (and spin) but they can't hide (and they'll never win). I'm sure the 400 people whose "stunned silence" the article describes had no choice but to review their consciences in light of your courageous action. Read more on the SFT Canada Blog.


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