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Friday, February 10, 2006

This Blog Is Dead! Long Live the New Blog!

This incarnation of Tibet Will Be Free is dead. Blogger is owned by Google and SFT is not going to rely on Google's cheating heart any more. Have no fear, good people, for our new version of TIBET WILL BE FREE is younger, smarter, and better looking than this site.

For updates on the actions, activities, ideas, and events surrounding Student's for a Free Tibet's international headquarters, board, staff, friends, and volunteers visit http://blog.studentsforafreetibet.org. The site is on WordPress, which rocks.

Until Tibet is free...Long live the SFT Blog!


  • At 6:16 PM, Blogger Tribal Queer said…

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  • At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 10:21 AM, Blogger Guy Barry said…

    Well well life goes on

  • At 4:54 PM, Blogger Peter said…

    It's appears that all is well and all it trested well as well :) If that makes sense.

  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger Peter Hampton said…

    Sure does mate. Still it's a funky Blog!


  • At 7:42 AM, Blogger Sara Wara said…

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  • At 12:56 PM, Blogger breakdown said…

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  • At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear American people and U.S. Congress,

    It's time to open your eyes regarding the basic agenda and very real
    threat posed by communist China, that country you love to put on an
    exotic pedestal festooned with technicolored tourist photos and pretty
    Chinese movie stars. But let's not beat around the bush here or mince
    words: China is a dictatorship ruled by an agressive Communist Party
    that does not believe in human freedom, human dignity, or even life,
    morality and the pursuit of happiness.

    Stop your love affair with communist China right now. Wake up and
    smell the Starbucks being roasted by Chinese chauvinists inside the
    Forbidden City tourist trap. China is out to squash America and will
    use every means possible to attain this end. This is not your
    grandfather's China. This is the Chinese Communist Party of the PRC.
    It is a not a "republic" and it is not run by the people or for the
    people. It is the old USSR in Chinese clothing. Does the name Lenin
    ring a bell?

    China is not our friend, by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, Gong
    Li is zaftig gorgeous, and Zhang Yiyi is slim and beautiful, but
    please don't get distracted by China's Hollywood exports. Don't be
    fooled by the 2008 Beijing Olympics "show". China's leaders, like the
    leaders of the old Soviet Union, are bent on world domination. Fly too
    close to Hainan Island and they'll shoot your planes down.

    The Chinese communist rulers have sworn on Lenin's tomb to rule the
    world their way, and no amount of friendly smiles and warm handshakes
    will change their agenda. It is not a free, democratic country and
    never will be, at least not as it is currently set up. Don't be
    fooled, America. Wake up now to the threat posed by this communist

    Did someone say pet food? Did someone say toothpaste? Do you remember
    who dumped dangerous chemicals into a Chinese river and didn't alert
    residents living downriver? Who burns coal in coal-fired power plants
    as if there was no tomorrow? Does the term "acid rain" ring a bell?

    Remember this: China is a country that covers up its SARS and bird flu
    cases. Global warming? China's leaders never heard of that Western
    concept. God? There is no God for China, and as for Judeo-Christian
    ethics or morality, forget it. China is one of the most godless
    nations on Earth. So why is America sucking up to China?

    This China you so love to do business with (there, I've said it!) is
    dangerous. This China needs to be confronted. This China needs to be
    halted. This China has no claims over Taiwan. This China needs is an
    Asian Gorbachev to arise and lead his people to freedom and democracy.
    Will America help him when he appears?

    America, wake up. China is polluting the world, and not only with CO2
    emissions and atmospheric pollutants. If you hated the old USSR, you
    should hate the current PRC. Different clothing, same evil empire.
    There should be no compromise with this fascist state. There should be
    no more Hollywood champagn toasts or Gong Li moments.

    China is dangerous to the American and European way of life. Darfur?
    You know the drill.

    Stop kissing the ground the PRC stands on. Tear down that Great Wall
    of Lies and Deception -- full of state-sanctioned cover-ups and
    fabrications. America needs a transparent, democratic China. And the
    Chinese people, God bless them, are up to it. But it's leaders are
    getting down to state-controlled business as usual on a daily basis,
    and America seems to turn a blind eye.

    Wake up, America. Before. It. Is. Too. Late.

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  • At 12:27 PM, Blogger yesman said…

    i surprise , most people still think Tibet was a country , which
    infact it never happened before from the history . Again , i want to
    point out that Tibet was not a country in the past thousand years and
    same as it is today , Tibet is just a group of indigineuos people who
    have a distinctive culture and they are buddist and they have their
    own writings and language. But never before it was a recognised
    country in the world history . Therefore , do not blind fold by the
    west pro- separatist which keep on saying , China invaded Tibet in
    1949 . This is a non sense at all . The west does not like a
    emerging strong country anywhere in the world that may pose a
    challenge in any respects . The west is the true lier !!!! They can
    not even tell exactly when the kingdom of Tibet began and what war did
    the kingdom fight before , and etc . The west just like the slogan ,
    slogan and slogan , which is very impressive when innocent people will
    just believe it without second thought of it.

  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger Linda said…

    I got a comment on a post I made on the matter of Tibet. Someone said Tibet was piecefull and belonged to China. This is my answer:

    I do not agree with you when you say Tibet is piecefull. We can see all over the world that the nation is far from piecefull, especially at the moment.

    Whether of not the nation belongs to China, I do not know. The Chinese gouvernement and Tibetian gouvernement in exile do not even know. Fact is that Tibet proclaimed itself as a free nation in 1911.

    I believe it would be good for all if the Chinese gouvernement and the Dalai Lama would speak of the case on neutral grounds. And that they'd take the time to listen at each others demands and wishes.
    I think a compromise is not that far away, since the Dalai Lama is not at all fighting for a free nation any more. He only seeks genuine autonomy and respect for Tibetan's human rights. I think that should be within reach.

    I think when China tries a new kind of approach on the matter, they can make so much progress. Not only when it comes to piece and human rights, but also on the part of economy and financial progress.

    It has been going on for far too long. The declairation for independence is almost 100 years ago! We should be ready to end the matter on a human and piecefull way which satisfies all parties.

    We all need to open our eyes and start to look at the situation with an openminded view.

    I believe we can end this.

  • At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Violent thugs attacking people

  • At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Those calling for "Free Tibet" without also calling for the return of the land to Natives of America, Canada, South America, South Africa, Australia,Siberia....etc are hypocrits and racially discriminating.

    Poncho Cortez

  • At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    When Jung was asked 'will we make it', he replied 'if enough individuals do their inner work'. There seems to be much more behind the subjugation of Tibet, such as certain nefarious forces at work. Indeed, what about the American Indians, the Aboriginies and the Inca etc....what about the Celts and Druidism in the clutches of Rome, the 'so called Light' can anyone see a pattern here? We are still missing something...perhaps?

  • At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Monday 17 March 2008
    Using Tibet to settle scores with China
    Tibetans want to be free. But they’ve been given a green light to riot by Western elements driven more by spite and envy than a love for liberty.
    Brendan O’Neill

    The grainy, sneaked-out footage of Tibetans rioting in Lhasa and in parts of China itself clearly reveals one thing: Tibetans want more control over their daily lives and destinies. Frustrated with living under illiberal and undemocratic Chinese rule, they are lashing out against what they consider to be symbols of Chinese domination: Han Chinese businesses and buildings owned by Chinese officialdom.

    But there’s another story behind the images of instability being broadcast around the world, a more complex, dangerous and difficult-to-spot story of cynical, spiteful political manoeuvring. Elements in the West have effectively encouraged Tibetans to riot, not because they are committed to democracy and liberty, but because they fear and loathe the Chinese. Western encouragement of Tibetan instability may dress itself in the rallying cry of ‘Free Tibet!’, but its real motivation is to ‘Humiliate China!’

    The Tibetan protesters’ angry outbursts reveal their deep-seated dissatisfaction with life under the Stalinist regime. Yet the protests can also be seen as a physical, violent manifestation of Western China-bashing, which is increasing in intensity as the Beijing Olympics approach. For the past three months, Western officials and commentators have implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) encouraged Tibetans and others to ‘use the Olympics to humiliate China’ (1). Taking their cue, at least in part, from Western culture’s feverish fear and suspicion of China, Tibetans have launched protests that seem designed as much to please Western observers as to push through real, meaningful changes in Tibet and China.

    In both their timing and their presentation, the protests seem more a product of Western cajoling than of an independent, groundswell demand for liberty amongst Tibetans. It is no coincidence that the protests, reportedly the biggest amongst Tibetans since the late 1980s, have erupted in the run-up to Beijing 2008. Vast numbers of political entrepreneurs and activists are trying to transform the Olympics into a platform for moral posturing and China-bashing. According to the International Herald Tribune, such is the frenzied politicisation of the Olympics by Western officials and campaigners that athletes are becoming confused about which cause to support. They have found themselves ‘overwhelmed by menu choices’ and also by numerous ‘wardrobe decisions’: should they wear a ‘China, Please’ armband to protest against China’s links with Sudan, or a yellow ‘Livestrong’ bracelet to indicate their support for a ‘pollution-free games and lead-free toys’? An American triathlete has complained: ‘Every time you turn around, there is someone trying to make a statement about something.’ (2) The relentless politicisation of the Olympics by Western elements, the widespread discussion of Beijing 2008 as an opportunity to ‘humiliate China’, has helped to create a volatile atmosphere in the more restive parts of China and its surrounding territories, including Tibet.

    Presentation-wise, the protesters’ use of English slogans and their speedy dissemination of mobile-phone footage suggest the demonstrations are aimed very much at a Western audience. In the march of the Tibetan monks in northern India last week, and during the more fiery protests in Tibet and China over the weekend, Tibetans carried placards with English-language demands such as ‘Tibet Needs You’. They wore headbands saying ‘Free Tibet’ - the favoured slogan of Western middle-class and even aristocratic pro-Tibet sympathisers, such as Prince Charles (3). Tibetan monks in Dharamsala, India (where the Tibetan government-in-exile resides, led by the Dalai Lama) have put up English posters saying ‘Beijing 2008: A Celebration of Human Rights Violations’ (4). One British newspaper has celebrated Tibetan protesters’ use of ‘the most dangerous weapon in the world - the cameras on their mobile phones’ (5). Many Western observers who cheer Tibetans for using this ‘weapon’ to beam images of their struggle around the world would probably feel very uncomfortable if Tibetans used real weapons to force their Stalinist rulers to make changes or concessions.

    The protests seem orientated very much towards the outside world. They appear to gain their legitimacy and fire from today’s widespread China-bashing, and they seem designed, in some ways, for Western consumption. This shows the extent to which Tibetans have become caught up in a global tug-of-war between the West and China. No doubt some people feel genuinely inspired by the Tibetan unrest, but many of the Western elements cheering the Tibetan cause and encouraging the Tibetans to ‘humiliate China’ are motivated less by a genuine commitment to liberty and democracy than by a deep and cynical desire to make life difficult for the Chinese.

    Today’s Tibetan protests are taking place in a broad, quite sinister political context: the West’s transformation of China into a cultural and political target. In recent years, China has inexorably, and in some ways unconsciously, been transformed into a whipping boy for the West. Anti-Chinese sentiments cut across the political divide: on both the old right and the new left, attacking China for its economic growth, human rights record, environmental destruction or suppression of the Tibetan people has become de rigueur. There is an unspoken consensus today - amongst Western officials, commentators and radical activists - that China is a global threat which must be put back in its place with a short, sharp dose of humiliation. Far more than the demonisation of the Soviet Union as the ‘Evil Empire’ during the Cold War era, the labelling of China as a dirty, uncontrollable, violent beast enjoys widespread, unquestioned support throughout political circles in the West.

    On the right, China-bashing has become a way of settling old scores from the Cold War. American right-wing thinkers and officials seem to take comfort in the familiar feeling of standing up to an ‘old communist foe’. Robbed of the ‘Evil Empire’ in the East by the end of the Cold War, and thrown by the unpredictability of global affairs more broadly, old right elements cling to China as an old-fashioned enemy from an era when politics was simpler and international affairs were more black-and-white; they are trying to recreate that era with a new ‘yellow-and-white’ divide between barbaric China and the civilised USA (6). Last week, the Pentagon made a splash with its annual report to US Congress on the threat posed by Chinese military power. It was hard not to nod, at least in partial agreement, with the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman who accused officials in the Pentagon of being consumed by ‘Cold War thinking’ (7).

    There is also an element of palpable jealousy in right-wing attacks on contemporary China. As America’s economy spins from one crisis to another, becoming reliant in many ways on East Asian cash to bail it out, traditionalist economic thinkers are discussing Chinese growth as a problem and a threat. Using the language of environmentalism - clearly sensing that old-fashioned protectionism would not go down very well today - establishment publications in the US publish essays with headlines such as ‘Choking on growth’; they argue that if China is to reduce its carbon emissions (that is, slow down its growth) then there will have to be a ‘wholesale mindset change’ amongst the Chinese people (8). Books such as The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China’s Future are snapped up and celebrated by traditionalist American thinkers and economists (9).

    Amongst left-leaning campaign groups and writers, China has become the No.1 International Bogeyman because of what they see as its ceaseless industrialisation. Westerners who find the idea of growth so nineteenth-century openly discuss China as a poisonous nation that is killing its own people and possibly the planet. Liberal green writers see only the ‘dust, waste and dirty water’ in modern China; they describe the economic progress there as the ‘mass poisoning of a people and the ecological devastation of a nation’, which is a product, apparently, of greed - ‘ours and theirs’ (10). Those greedy Chinese, getting jobs in the city and buying cars and TVs… why don’t they go back to the paddy fields where they belong? Green campaign groups call on Western nations to cut their political and economic ties with China, and instruct Western consumers that ‘If it says “Made in China”, don’t buy it’: only then, they argue, will ‘The World’s Biggest CO2 Emitter’ and ‘The World’s No.1 Consumer of Coal’ (that’s ‘China’ to those of us who don’t think and speak in the dehumanising language of trendy China-bashers) be forced to change its ways (11). They fancy this as a radical stance, but in today’s Great China-Bashing Consensus, greens are merely the protesting wing of the backward, fearful, protectionist politics of a West worried about the ‘Chinese threat’.

    In many ways, campaigners and commentators in the West are projecting their own disgust with ‘the Western way of life’ on to China. They see in China everything that they doubt or loathe about modernity itself. That is why commentators frequently tell China not to make ‘the same mistakes that we made’. On everything from economic growth to sporting competitiveness, from the use of coal to the building of skyscrapers, today’s China-bashing is motivated by Western self-loathing, as well as by spite and envy towards the seemingly successful Chinese. Ironically, this means that China is now seen as ‘the Other’ precisely because it appears too Western: it is China’s ambition, growth, its leaps forward - things that a more confident West might once have celebrated - which make it seem alien to Western observers who today prefer carbon-counting to factory-building and road tolls to road construction. China-bashing is underpinned by a crisis of belief in the West in things such as progress, growth, development.

    It is the sweeping consensus that China is dangerous and diseased that has attracted Western observers to the issue of Tibet. Both left and right elements in the West are exploiting the Tibet issue as a way of putting pressure on China. They are less interested in securing real freedom and equality for Tibetans, and for the Chinese people more broadly, than they are in using and abusing internal disgruntlement in China and nearby territories as a way of humiliating the Chinese government. That is why Tibetans can symbolise different things to different people. For conservative commentators, the Tibetans are warriors for freedom against a Stalinist monolith; their protests are a replay of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989 (12). For greener, more liberal campaigners, Tibetans are symbols of natural and mystical purity in contrast to rampant Western and Chinese consumerism. As one author puts it, Tibetan culture offers ‘powerful, untarnished and coherent alternatives to Western egotistical lifestyles [and] our gradually more pointless pursuit of material interests’ (13). Various political factions in the West are using Tibetans as ventriloquist dummies in order to mouth their own complaints against modern China. They are promoting Tibetan unrest not to liberate Tibetans but in the hope that the protests will represent their own personal disgust for China in a real-world, physical manner.

    There is a long history of Western politicians and activists using Tibet as a stick with which to beat China. In his fascinating book Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West, Donald S Lopez Jnr shows how, in the Western imagination, ‘the invasion of Tibet by [China] was and still is represented as an undifferentiated mass of godless Communists overrunning a peaceful land devoted only to ethereal pursuits… Tibet embodies the spiritual and the ancient, China the material and the modern. Tibetans are superhuman, Chinese are subhuman.’ (14) Today, too, pro-Tibetan activism often disguises a view of the Chinese as subhuman. Indeed, in the current, all-encompassing right/left consensus about China, even left-leaning campaigns can employ old right tactics of demonising the Chinese. A poster for the trendy campaign group Free Tibet shows Tibetans as serene and peaceful and the Chinese as smog-producing modernisers with distinctly slitty eyes and goofy teeth (15).

    spiked is no friend of the Chinese regime. Yet those promoting self-serving internal unrest in the run-up to the Olympics, encouraging Tibetans and others to bash China for real where the West only does it with words and propaganda, are playing a dangerous game indeed. Such a strategy of cynical destabilisation could unleash yet more violence in China, and have repercussions around the world. And the biggest losers, at least in the short term, are likely to be Tibetans themselves: they will not win liberty or equality by being transformed into performing protesters for the benefit of Chinaphobic Westerners.

    Brendan O’Neill is editor of spiked. Visit his website here.

    (1) China feels the heat of its Olympic ambitions, Los Angeles Times, 13 February 2008

    (2) Athletes face dizzying choice of causes, International Herald Tribune, 15 August 2007

    (3) See Australia won’t support boycott of Beijing Games: Olympic chief, The Citizen, 17 March 2008

    (4) See Australia won’t support boycott of Beijing Games: Olympic chief, The Citizen, 17 March 2008

    (5) Dalai Lama attacks ‘cultural genocide’, Independent, 17 March 2008

    (6) China condemns Pentagon’s Cold War thinking, Reuters, 4 March 2008

    (7) China condemns Pentagon’s Cold War thinking, Reuters, 4 March 2008

    (8) Economy: China’s ability to tackle greenhouse gas caps, Council on Foreign Relations, September 2007

    (9) The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China’s Future, Elizabeth C Economy, Cornell University Press, 2005

    (10) See Polluting minds, by Brendan O’Neill, Comment Is Free, 25 July 2007

    (11) See Enough is Enough’s Boycott China campaign here

    (12) Could Tibet achieve the impossible dream of independence?, Vancouver Online, 16 March 2008

    (13) See Why Western Tibetophilia won’t set Tibet free, by Brendan O’Neill

    (14) See Why Western Tibetophilia won’t set Tibet free, by Brendan O’Neill

    (15) See Why Western Tibetophilia won’t set Tibet free, by Brendan O’Neill

    reprinted from: http://www.spiked-online.com/index.php?/site/article/4880/

    Related link: http://www.spiked-online.com/index.php?/site/article/4880

  • At 11:05 AM, Anonymous bruno p said…

    this is some pics to what s happend in paris...

  • At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why do people come here to post pro-CCP, anti- Tibetan freedom posts? This is a Free Tibet blog, stay on topic. If you want to bash start your own space for it.


    -The Lorax

  • At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why the Tibetians waited until olympics to do a violent protest like this when their land was taken away 50 years back. These are all cheap politics by Dalai lama and his western democracy supporters . After staying in India for so long even lama and his supporters have become good hypocrates. One day they protest against china and another day lama says please dont disturb olympics in China. If the western countries and other had so much concern about Human rights in china, why was the olympics given to china at first stage. These same countries only had supported chinese bid for olympics at IOC. This is Hypocracy. I do admit Indian communist are good for nothing , but not chinese they have done atleast something progressive for thier country. We should apply proper logical thinking (Not emotional one) with a look at dynamics of modern global politics and Economics and first protect India's interest. Other wise people like Dalai Lama and his other supporters like Richard Gere (who makes Tibetian cause as an excuse to come to india and mate his girlfriends) will jeopardise India's interests.

  • At 5:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is Olympic Burning? - Beijing China 2008

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    my sister sttudies in tibet and that´s the reason I know that tibet isn´t free...

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  • At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Cheryl Jones said…

    The desire to be free exists within all people and it is a continual work, watch and prayer to attain and maintain freedom.

  • At 4:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    People of tibet just need to be more open to difference and to change. They should embrace multiculturalism instead of being frightened of it. Multiculturalism will enrich the nation and make it stronger and more vibant. Tibets differnce is its strength. There are already chinese resturants there.

  • At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Vivement le jour ou la Chine sera le N°1 et aura autant de poids que les USionistes sur la scène internationale. Les Etats arabes auront tout intérêt à s'allier à elle pour se débarrasser une bonne fois pour toute des USioniste qui gangrènent leur société via les élites(dictateurs & pseudo-monarques...) et les groupes terroristes qu'ils pilotent et financent directement pour assurer leurs intérêts dans ces pays. Le dialogues interculturel entre Arabo-Musulmans et Chinois sera beaucoup plus saint que celui avec l'Occident (principalement les pays anglo-saxons) pour 2 raisons: 1- Il n'y a pas de "traumatisme" des croisades chez les Chinois, phénomène qui a été exploité plus ou moins au courts de l'histoire pour designer les Arabo-Musulmans comme des ennemis géopolitique et culturels de l'Occident. Il n'y a qu'à regarder la rhétorique utilisée par les Etats-Unis pour envahir l'Iraq, l'Afghanistan et maintenant (peu de chances) l'Iran pour s'assurer que ce phénomène est toujours d'actualité. 2- La société Chinoise n'est pas gangrenée par les réseaux sionistes comme c'est (trop) le cas en Occident. Le discourt sera simplement et sainement bilatéral, il n'y aura pas de 3eme acteur de l'ombre pour semer la discorde et assurer ses propres intérêts au détriment des 2 acteurs principaux. Enfin, on imagine mal comment les sionistes pourront refourguer au Chinois leur mythe du peuple élu et leur shoah business pour justifier leur colonie illégale en Palestine. Les Chinois s'en foutent complètement, ne sont pas dupes (le cas de l'Occident leur a servi d'exemple) et ne verront que leurs intérêts stratégiques, le pétrole et le gaz....
    3- La Chine respecte les Etat Nations et ne donne pas de leçon de morale aux pays qu'elle soutient.


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